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Low impact picnic

Wednesday 15 June 2022, by La graine

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Keywords : Education - Environment - Social

Reduce its environmental footprint.

During an environmental event, a low-impact picnic can serve as a medium for exchanging information.

Indeed, food has a strong impact on the environment. Thus, in the richest countries, the environmental footprint is about 4 (It would take 4 planets for our children to have the same resources as us).

Among the elements that one can implement for a low impact picnic, one can make a picnic with the following criteria:

  • zero waste;
  • vegetarian, vegan or avoiding high-impact meat [1];
  • From the less “noble” parts;
  • local and seasonal.

Picnic recipes can be collected beforehand, in order to be shared during the event.

Having a good time is the best way to share tasty recipes, discover new tastes, and thus, change your habits with pleasure.

[11kg of beef is equivalent to an emission of 27 kg equivalent CO2, less than lamb (39 kg eq. CO2), but 2 times more than pork (12.1 kg eq. CO2), and 4 times more than chicken (6.9 kg eq. CO2).(source: INRAE), a French institute


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