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jeudi 16 juin 2022, par La graine

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Recover and reuse.

We live in a society where a lot of waste is generated. With reuse, waste can become new raw materials.

If we have space, we can then recover. Recover what ? Bread, food, wood, scenographies...

Via a search on the internet, we can look at ways to reuse such and such things. Many things can be salvaged.

The idea being to identify where the resources are and how to reuse them.

Be careful not to recover final waste that will encumber !

Here are some examples, but you can find many more !

You can let us know in the comments if you have other ideas to add

Where to recoverWhatHow to reuse
Bakery Bread Make grist, grind bread and make new recipes, make breadcrumbs...
Company Computers Linux Refurbishment
Company Office equipment Office equipment with possible makeover
Company Cardboard Cardboard Furniture
Performance hall, Conventions, Congresses & Expos Scenographic elements Scenographic rehabilitations
Parks and gardens maintenance, gardening business, sawmill Plants when renewing the bed, cuts, shredded material Plants, mulching, Ramial Chipped Wood, supply for dry toilets or composter with the shredded material...
Eco-friendly construction company Wood scrap Habitat for bird, insect, hedgehog, bat...
Vegetables Spoiled vegetables and fruits Animal food, compote, soup, recipes to eat quickly...

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