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Reuse of plastic bags

jeudi 16 juin 2022, par La graine

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Reuse plastic bags (polyethylene).

Please note, this only works with plastic bags (polyethylene, HDPE or LDPE, i.e. high or low density polyethylene).

Some plastics are thermoplastics and can reform with heat. Polyethylenes are one of them and do not give off toxic fumes during fusion.

The fusion method

  1. We put several layers of polyethylene plastic bags on top of each other (recut if necessary).
  2. We place parchment paper above AND below.
  3. Thus, we can, with an iron, fuse the plastics, by passing it very hot on the parchment paper.

The knitting method

  1. We make plastic strips as shown below.
  2. We knit or crochet with.

Strip cut

We can then make wallets, coats, solid bags... according to our imagination.


Photo : Audrey, CC BY NC SA. Plastic knit.

Photo : Mary Anne Enriquez, CC BY NC ND. Plastic fused.

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