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Treasure hunt

mercredi 29 juin 2022, par La graine

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Mots-clés : Ludique - Social

Organize a scavenger hunt in our city.

Creating a treasure hunt can bring a lot of things (in addition to fun).
This can allow you to get to know your city better or to generate links with the people with whom you participate.

The principle

There is a starting point, with a context, a story.

We can have a document which once completed will take us to the place of the treasure (but the forms can be various).

We play with clues that will be found following the resolution :

  • of an enigma
  • of a charade
  • of a rebus
  • of a photo puzzle with a clue
  • of an anagram
  • a secret code (can be done with an anaglyph message, an encrypting alphabetic text, a Caesar wheel,...)

You can also take inspiration from what is found in « escape games ».

A little research on the internet will bring you plenty of leads !

In order not to get stuck, we can also give clues if necessary.

Occasional or permanent

If the treasure hunt is done on an event, having volunteer « actors » makes the game livelier.

In the case of a permanent treasure hunt in a city, the treasure will be in a weatherproof box. The principle is that if we take the treasure, then we deposit another one.


We can have different indices depending on the age of the participants.

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